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Duke Health Mobile Device Manager

What is MDM? Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become a primary tool that many of our users depend on for their productivity. But like any other computing device used to access sensitive information, these mobile devices must be properly secured to reduce risks that could lead to a serious data breach. We allow our users to use their own mobile devices to access Duke systems and data, but our ability to enforce basic security controls on these devices has been limited to this point. The Duke Health Mobile Device Manager gives us the ability to enforce basic security controls, such as encryption and the use of passcodes. It also allows us to maintain Duke data in a secure container on the device, distribute applications from a Duke app store, and prevent access to the Duke network if the device’s operating system has been compromised through “jailbreaking” or “rooting.” Finally, when someone leaves Duke, or if a device is lost or stolen, we will be able to wipe just the Duke data and apps from the device, leaving any personal data and apps intact. We consider this initiative as critical to our security as the full adoption of multifactor authentication, which we accomplished two years ago.

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A quick introduction Video

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"I have always valued being secure and connected, this is why I use BYOD MDM Airwatch"

- Bill Hansley, Mobile leader extraordinaire

3 Quick things you need to know before you start

1. Back up any personal data, especially on Android SD cards, before you start. There is a small chance of data loss during device encryption, and Duke is not responsible for any data loss that occurs as a result of enrolling your phone

2. You will be required to set a PIN / unlock code for your device as part of enrollment. If you or someone else enters your PIN / passcode incorrectly 10 times, your device will be completely and fully wiped back to factory-new settings. This is a safeguard Duke and personal data should your device get lost and no longer be under your control

3. You'll be asked to acknowledge that Airwatch is capable of doing a number of things with your device. However, Duke's implementation of Airwatch will only make use of a very small number of those capabilities to keep its data safe. More details on what AirWatch is cabple of versus what capabilities Duke will use is available upon request from the Service Desk.

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