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Duke Health Mobile Device Manager

Ensuring the Use of a Managed Mail Client

Dear Duke Health Customer,

A change to the production environment will be performed to ensure compliance on (insert date). At which time you will not be able to access Duke e-mail until your device is deemed compliant.


What changed?

DHTS now has a method for managing the Outlook mail client using our MDM and for affiliates to enroll in Workspace One (Airwatch). This will ensure that these personnel can continue to safely and securely access Duke e-mail.


What is needed to ensure my device is compliant?

  1. To continue to receive Duke e-mails, user MUST be enrolled in Workspace One (Airwatch).
  2. Users accessing Duke e-mail via Outlook for iOS and/or Outlook for Android to receive mail must install VMware Boxer (Boxer – Workspace One) to their device to meet the Compliance Policy. 


What are my options for a compliant Duke e-mail client once enrolled in Workspace One (Airwatch)?

  1. VMware Boxer (Boxer – Workspace One)
  2. Apple Mail
  3. Outlook – This e-mail client is not natively compliant. However, it can be used provided VMware Boxer or Apple Mail is set up and used to receive e-mail at least once. At which point Outlook will receive the settings needed to become compliant.

How do I enroll my device?

Enrollment is a simple, straight forward process.  For assistance, please follow the directions provided on the Duke Health MDM Website.


If further assistance is needed, please contact the DHTS Service Desk or visit the Mobile Resources page for help.