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Duke Health Mobile Device Manager

We Are Here to Help!

We are here to help!

KIOSKs are staffed weekdays at the following locations to assist you with your MDM enrollment:

  • Duke North Cafeteria: 8am-5pm, Jan 10 to Jan 12 
  • Duke South Cafeteria: 8am-5pm, Jan 10 to Jan 12 
  • North Pavilion: 7am-4pm, Jan 11
  • Duke Raleigh Cafeteria: 8am-12pm, Jan 10 to Jan 12

To find details regarding privacy concerns, get answers to frequently asked questions and review detailed instructions on how to enroll, please explore the Duke Health MDM site at (

For assistance with this or other IT related questions,  please contact the Duke Health IT Service Desk at 919-684-2243 or visit our User Portal to chat with a representative.