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Duke Health Mobile Device Manager

Before you Enroll

Things to know before enrolling your device.

Back up all personal data before enrolling. This includes backing up old phones prior to activating replacment phones! 

  • Be sure to back up your mobile device prior to installing MDM. During device encryption, data loss may occur. There is a small chance of data loss during the device encryption process. Take the step to protect your personal information stored on the device. Duke takes no responsibility for any data loss that may occur as a result of enrolling.
  • If you are backing up an older device for the purpose of activating a new device you will need to remove Workspace One Intelligent Hub (formerly known as Airwatch) from the old phone prior to performing the back up!

You will be asked to grant Workspace One (formerly known as Airwatch) the ability to manage items on your device.

  • Duke’s implementation of Workspace One (formerly known as Airwatch) will make use of a very small number of those capabilities to keep its data safe. More details on the MDM capabilities versus those capabilities Duke will access to are available here.

You will be required to set a PIN / passcode for your device as part of enrollment.

  • As an additional line of security you will be required to set a PIN/passcode to enroll your device. Be sure to select a code that you can easily recall as your device will be wiped back to factory-installed settings after 10-incorrect attempts. For information regarding Duke’s ability to wipe your device visit the frequently asked questions on this site.

You must un-enroll any previously registered device to avoid potential service interruption.

  • If you have lost, replaced or upgraded your mobile device please be sure to un-enroll it prior to registering a new one. As a friendly reminder, an email notification will be sent to the registered owner of the device if no server activity occurs for 45 days. Failing to take action in a timely manner upon notification can result in Duke taking the necessary step to wipe the device.